Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PINK COLOUR 3D Mask Antibacterial Dustproof Mask PM2.5 Mouth Mask Reusable UK

PINK COLOUR Reusable Breathing Face Mask with Ear loop Anti-Dust Protection,  Anti-Allergy., Mouth Mask Blocking, Washable Cotton Mask Comfortable Filter 3D Mask (IN A SEALED BAG)


Made by material of three dimensional network, able to ensure your children's safety.
Designed with nice filtration, it can protect your mouth and face from dust, wind, cold, fog and haze.
Washable and reusable, easy to clean and carry with.
It is necessary when going out, and it is also suitable for families, public places, etc.

Item Name: Dustproof Mask
Material: non woven fabric
Features: Dustproof, Washable, Breath
Colour - PINK ( Sealed Bag)

Adults and Kids Available

£3.00 1 pice Adults).

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