Kids 3D Mask Antibacterial Mouth Mask Washable and Reusable PM2.5

Kids 3D Mask Antibacterial Mouth Mask Washable and Reusable PM2.5

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Face Mask Washable UK Made, Reusable Breathable High Quality Masks Shield Cover

(Pink Colour, Adult / Kids Unisex 1 Pies).

Overview :

♥ High-grade material for high skin-friendliness. Non-toxic and environment-friendly, and the wearer is more relieved.
♥ Protects against smog and effectively removes heat and makes it more comfortable to wear.
♥ Scope of application: daily anti-fog, dust, particulate matter.
absorb odour, Every breath is fresh.

Product function: windproof sand dust, automobile exhaust, anti-fog and haze, anti-second-hand smoke

breathable, soft (moderate softness, comfortable wearing), hygienic, moisture-free

Kids and Adult Mouth anti-dust Face mask

Made from soft 100% Cotton.

Approximate Dimensions:  ADULTS 19cm x 15cm

Approximate Dimensions:  KIDS 16cm x 14cm

1. NEW TECHNOLOGY MATERIAL -- New organic polymer sponge, different from common one, it can filter tiny particle in the air due to its three - dimensional network structure. Soft, thin and breathable, great for summer wearing.
2. ECONOMIC & DURABLE -- Not disposable mask. Adopt aeronautical organic material, anti-allergic. It is washable. Washing will not reduce the effect of dust proof, more economic and Eco friendly than disposable mask
3. HUMANISED DESIGNED -- Perfectly attach onto face with great elastic ability, soft but always keeps shape. 2mm thickness, very breathable, will not cause to oxygen deprivation, breath hard and stiflingly hot. Comfortable and fashion.
4. FUNCTION -- Different from common mask whose working principle is using multi layers to build net structure to block dust, this PM2.5 mouth mask is made of polyurethane which itself is 3D network structure, after precisely sewing processing, it became to a high-density space obstacles for dust whose dust blocking rate reached to 99% and it is of strong defence to pollen, sick virus, dust and so on.
Package List:

1 Pies Home Made Mask  (Colour  l; Pink   ) 

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