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Otis Yam Pounding Manchine (Mini Domestic Pound for 4 people at a go)

OTIS YAM POUNDER is an Electronic yam pounding machine that Pounds Yam in less than 1 minute. All you need to do is "boil the yam, plug the machine to socket and in less than 1 minute your pounded yam is ready smooth, Hot, Elastic and Natural. THE INTRODUCTION OF A MODERN TECHNOLOGY AS A REPLACEMENT FOR OUTDATED AND UN-HYGIENIC METHOD OF POUNDING YAM. FEATURES: * * Pounds in One (1) Minute * High Speed Unbeatable Performance * Durable and Easy to Maintain . * Easy to Operate with In-Build Auto Controls * Design to Produce "Truly Nigerian Type" of Pounded Yam smooth, Hot, Elastic and Natural. Customers Testimonial: * Good morning, I have lunched my yam pounding machine, it is too real to belief but it's true. Thanks a lot. * Mr Teejay (London Uk). * Thanks for the yam pounder, we are enjoying the machine. More grease to your elbow. * Prince Taiwo (London) *WOW! this is amazing, Video Demo available on request , please send me a message
£200.00 per unit

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