Extra Virgin Olive Oil AMWAY™ da Carapelli

Extra Virgin Olive Oil AMWAY™ da Carapelli

Size: 2x750 ml


Produced exclusively for Amway by Carapelli Firenze S.p.A. (Company certified with EN ISO 9001:2000).

Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives and solely by mechanical means. Blend of olive oils of the European Union origin.


  • Formulated exclusively for Amway in collaboration with Carapelli Firenze, a leading Italian producer of high-quality and exclusive products. 
    • Superior quality surpassing legal requirements. 
    • Only the best Mediterranean olives are chosen and harvested by hand. 
    • Gentle handling of the fruit results in less bruising and ensures that the acidity level is kept very low (about 0.3%). 

Contains oleic acid, polyphenols and vitamin E Pack content 2 x 0.75 litre Bottles.


In the Mediterranean, cuisine olive oil is traditionally used for all types of food preparation (roasting, frying, grilling, basting, dressings, marinades, cooking ingredient, etc.). However, due to the fact that the unsaturated fatty acids in olive oil may be destroyed at high temperatures, we do not recommend olive oil for frying, grilling and roasting.


Store at room temperature, ideally 20°C. Precipitation (cloudy oil) may occur if stored below 7°C. This is a normal process as olive oil tends to solidify, and does not affect the quality of the product. If precipitation is present, store the oil at room temperature for up to eight hours for the solids to return to their liquid state.

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