We assure you are working with a trusted Supplier beacuse 

1. We Provide a declaration of conformity that shows original certification for the PPE you are purchasing.

2. We Define the process for sample testing to ensure safety products continue to meet the required standards.

 3. We Define the process of quality assurance at the manufacturing facility to ensure the products are being manufactured as they were originally certified. 

• We Provide the EU Declaration of Conformity with the PPE
or provide with the user instructions an internet address
at which the EU Declaration of Conformity can be
• We Ensure that procedures are in place for series production
to remain in conformity with the PPE Regulation.
• Draw up all technical documentation referred to in
Annex III.
• Carry out a product risk assessment and shall envisage
not only the intended use but also the reasonably
foreseeable uses (Annex III).
• Retain all technical documentation for 10 years after the
PPE has been placed on the market.
• Carry out sample testing of PPE made available in
the market, keep a register of complaints and keep
distributors informed of such monitoring.
• Mark the product or packaging with their name or
registered trade name or mark and a single point postal
• Inform the competent authorities when they become
aware of PPE that presents a risk.
• Supply manufacturer instructions (IfU) with the smallest
individual sales unit in a language easily understood by
the end user and market surveillance authority. 

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